OS - Recent Final Revised Papers

Meridional transport of salt in the global ocean from an eddy-resolving model
A. M. Treguier, J. Deshayes, J. Le Sommer, C. Lique, G. Madec, T. Penduff, J.-M. Molines, B. Barnier, R. Bourdalle-Badie, and C. Talandier
Ocean Sci., 10, 243-255, 2014
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  17 Apr 2014
The role of subpolar deep water formation and Nordic Seas overflows in simulated multidecadal variability of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation
K. Lohmann, J. H. Jungclaus, D. Matei, J. Mignot, M. Menary, H. R. Langehaug, J. Ba, Y. Gao, O. H. Otterå, W. Park, and S. Lorenz
Ocean Sci., 10, 227-241, 2014
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  14 Apr 2014
Antarctic circumpolar transport and the southern mode: a model investigation of interannual to decadal timescales
C. W. Hughes, Joanne Williams, A. C. Coward, and B. A. de Cuevas
Ocean Sci., 10, 215-225, 2014
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  10 Apr 2014
Intrinsic variability of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current system: low- and high-frequency fluctuations of the Argentine Basin flow
G. Sgubin, S. Pierini, and H. A. Dijkstra
Ocean Sci., 10, 201-213, 2014
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  10 Apr 2014
Secchi depth in the Oslofjord–Skagerrak area: theory, experiments and relationships to other quantities
E. Aas, J. Høkedal, and K. Sørensen
Ocean Sci., 10, 177-199, 2014
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  18 Mar 2014
Turbulent dispersion properties from a model simulation of the western Mediterranean Sea
H. Nefzi, D. Elhmaidi, and X. Carton
Ocean Sci., 10, 167-175, 2014
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  14 Mar 2014
Geostrophic currents and kinetic energies in the Black Sea estimated from merged drifter and satellite altimetry data
M. Menna and P.-M. Poulain
Ocean Sci., 10, 155-165, 2014
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  11 Mar 2014
Halocline water modification and along-slope advection at the Laptev Sea continental margin
D. Bauch, S. Torres-Valdes, I. Polyakov, A. Novikhin, I. Dmitrenko, J. McKay, and A. Mix
Ocean Sci., 10, 141-154, 2014
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  25 Feb 2014
Decadal variability of heat content in the South China Sea inferred from observation data and an ocean data assimilation product
Wei Song, Jian Lan, Qinyan Liu, Dandan Sui, Lili Zeng, and Dongxiao Wang
Ocean Sci., 10, 135-139, 2014
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  24 Feb 2014
The instability of diffusive convection and its implication for the thermohaline staircases in the deep Arctic Ocean
S.-Q. Zhou, L. Qu, Y.-Z. Lu, and X.-L. Song
Ocean Sci., 10, 127-134, 2014
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  24 Feb 2014
Fate of colloids during estuarine mixing in the Arctic
O. S. Pokrovsky, L. S. Shirokova, J. Viers, V. V. Gordeev, V. P. Shevchenko, A. V. Chupakov, T. Y. Vorobieva, F. Candaudap, C. Causserand, A. Lanzanova, and C. Zouiten
Ocean Sci., 10, 107-125, 2014
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  24 Feb 2014
Temporal variations of zooplankton biomass in the Ligurian Sea inferred from long time series of ADCP data
R. Bozzano, E. Fanelli, S. Pensieri, P. Picco, and M. E. Schiano
Ocean Sci., 10, 93-105, 2014
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  21 Feb 2014
The CO2 system in the Mediterranean Sea: a basin wide perspective
M. Álvarez, H. Sanleón-Bartolomé, T. Tanhua, L. Mintrop, A. Luchetta, C. Cantoni, K. Schroeder, and G. Civitarese
Ocean Sci., 10, 69-92, 2014
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  14 Feb 2014
Tidal variability of the motion in the Strait of Otranto
L. Ursella, V. Kovačević, and M. Gačić
Ocean Sci., 10, 49-67, 2014
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  13 Feb 2014
Enhancing the accuracy of automatic eddy detection and the capability of recognizing the multi-core structures from maps of sea level anomaly
J. Yi, Y. Du, Z. He, and C. Zhou
Ocean Sci., 10, 39-48, 2014
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  10 Feb 2014
Observed decline of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation 2004–2012
D. A. Smeed, G. D. McCarthy, S. A. Cunningham, E. Frajka-Williams, D. Rayner, W. E. Johns, C. S. Meinen, M. O. Baringer, B. I. Moat, A. Duchez, and H. L. Bryden
Ocean Sci., 10, 29-38, 2014
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  06 Feb 2014
A parameter model of gas exchange for the seasonal sea ice zone
B. Loose, W. R. McGillis, D. Perovich, C. J. Zappa, and P. Schlosser
Ocean Sci., 10, 17-28, 2014
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  28 Jan 2014
Changes in ventilation of the Mediterranean Sea during the past 25 year
A. Schneider, T. Tanhua, W. Roether, and R. Steinfeldt
Ocean Sci., 10, 1-16, 2014
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  27 Jan 2014
A practical scheme to introduce explicit tidal forcing into an OGCM
K. Sakamoto, H. Tsujino, H. Nakano, M. Hirabara, and G. Yamanaka
Ocean Sci., 9, 1089-1108, 2013
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 9376 KB)   Discussion Paper (OSD)   

  13 Dec 2013
A new method for continuous measurements of oceanic and atmospheric N2O, CO and CO2: performance of off-axis integrated cavity output spectroscopy (OA-ICOS) coupled to non-dispersive infrared detection (NDIR)
D. L. Arévalo-Martínez, M. Beyer, M. Krumbholz, I. Piller, A. Kock, T. Steinhoff, A. Körtzinger, and H. W. Bange
Ocean Sci., 9, 1071-1087, 2013
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  11 Dec 2013