OS - Recent Final Revised Papers

Evaluation of the eastern equatorial Pacific SST seasonal cycle in CMIP5 models   
Z. Y. Song, H. L. Liu, C. Z. Wang, L. P. Zhang, and F. L. Qiao
Ocean Sci., 10, 837-843, 2014
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  23 Oct 2014
Springtime zooplankton size structure over the continental shelf of the Bay of Biscay   
P. Vandromme, E. Nogueira, M. Huret, Á. Lopez-Urrutia, G. González-Nuevo González, M. Sourisseau, and P. Petitgas
Ocean Sci., 10, 821-835, 2014
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  16 Oct 2014
Flow dynamics around downwelling submarine canyons   
J. M. Spurgin and S. E. Allen
Ocean Sci., 10, 799-819, 2014
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  14 Oct 2014
Qualified temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen climatologies in a changing Adriatic Sea   
M. Lipizer, E. Partescano, A. Rabitti, A. Giorgetti, and A. Crise
Ocean Sci., 10, 771-797, 2014
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  10 Oct 2014
Variability of water mass properties in the Strait of Sicily in summer period of 1998–2013   
A. Bonanno, F. Placenti, G. Basilone, R. Mifsud, S. Genovese, B. Patti, M. Di Bitetto, S. Aronica, M. Barra, G. Giacalone, R. Ferreri, I. Fontana, G. Buscaino, G. Tranchida, E. Quinci, and S. Mazzola
Ocean Sci., 10, 759-770, 2014
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 5222 KB)   Discussion Paper (OSD)   

  02 Oct 2014
Characterisation and quantification of regional diurnal SST cycles from SEVIRI   
I. Karagali and J. L. Høyer
Ocean Sci., 10, 745-758, 2014
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  02 Sep 2014
Computation of a new mean dynamic topography for the Mediterranean Sea from model outputs, altimeter measurements and oceanographic in situ data   
M.-H. Rio, A. Pascual, P.-M. Poulain, M. Menna, B. Barceló, and J. Tintoré
Ocean Sci., 10, 731-744, 2014
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  18 Aug 2014
Heat loss from the Atlantic water layer in the northern Kara Sea: causes and consequences   
I. A. Dmitrenko, S. A. Kirillov, N. Serra, N. V. Koldunov, V. V. Ivanov, U. Schauer, I. V. Polyakov, D. Barber, M. Janout, V. S. Lien, M. Makhotin, and Y. Aksenov
Ocean Sci., 10, 719-730, 2014
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  15 Aug 2014
Weighing the ocean with bottom-pressure sensors: robustness of the ocean mass annual cycle estimate   
Joanne Williams, C. W. Hughes, M. E. Tamisiea, and S. D. P. Williams
Ocean Sci., 10, 701-718, 2014
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  11 Aug 2014
The Mediterranean is becoming saltier   
M. Borghini, H. Bryden, K. Schroeder, S. Sparnocchia, and A. Vetrano
Ocean Sci., 10, 693-700, 2014
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  07 Aug 2014
Impact of a 30% reduction in Atlantic meridional overturning during 2009–2010   
H. L. Bryden, B. A. King, G. D. McCarthy, and E. L. McDonagh
Ocean Sci., 10, 683-691, 2014
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 4371 KB)   Discussion Paper (OSD)   

  06 Aug 2014
Hydrographic situation during cruise M84/3 and P414 (spring 2011) in the Mediterranean Sea   
D. Hainbucher, A. Rubino, V. Cardin, T. Tanhua, K. Schroeder, and M. Bensi
Ocean Sci., 10, 669-682, 2014
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  29 Jul 2014
Corrigendum to "Observations of a phytoplankton spring bloom onset triggered by a density front in NW Mediterranean" published in Ocean Sci., 10, 657–666, 2014   
A. Olita, S. Sparnocchia, S. Cusí, L. Fazioli, R. Sorgente, J. Tintoré, and A. Ribotti
Ocean Sci., 10, 667-667, 2014
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 15 KB)   Corresponding Article   

  15 Jul 2014
Observations of a phytoplankton spring bloom onset triggered by a density front in NW Mediterranean   
A. Olita, S. Sparnocchia, S. Cusí, L. Fazioli, R. Sorgente, J. Tintoré, and A. Ribotti
Ocean Sci., 10, 657-666, 2014
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 5328 KB)   Supplement (317 KB)   Discussion Paper (OSD)   Corrigendum   Special Issue

  14 Jul 2014
Mechanisms of Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation variability simulated by the NEMO model   
V. N. Stepanov and K. Haines
Ocean Sci., 10, 645-656, 2014
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  14 Jul 2014
The surface thermal signature and air–sea coupling over the Agulhas rings propagating in the South Atlantic Ocean interior   
J. M. A. C. Souza, B. Chapron, and E. Autret
Ocean Sci., 10, 633-644, 2014
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1885 KB)   Supplement (213 KB)   Discussion Paper (OSD)   

  09 Jul 2014
Residual circulation and freshwater transport in the Dutch Wadden Sea: a numerical modelling study   
M. Duran-Matute, T. Gerkema, G. J. de Boer, J. J. Nauw, and U. Gräwe
Ocean Sci., 10, 611-632, 2014
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 6318 KB)   Discussion Paper (OSD)   

  04 Jul 2014
An observed 20-year time series of Agulhas leakage   
D. Le Bars, J. V. Durgadoo, H. A. Dijkstra, A. Biastoch, and W. P. M. De Ruijter
Ocean Sci., 10, 601-609, 2014
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 2146 KB)   Discussion Paper (OSD)   

  03 Jul 2014
An automated gas exchange tank for determining gas transfer velocities in natural seawater samples   
K. Schneider-Zapp, M. E. Salter, and R. C. Upstill-Goddard
Ocean Sci., 10, 587-600, 2014
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1559 KB)   Discussion Paper (OSD)   

  03 Jul 2014
Quantification of octacalcium phosphate, authigenic apatite and detrital apatite in coastal sediments using differential dissolution and standard addition   
J. F. Oxmann and L. Schwendenmann
Ocean Sci., 10, 571-585, 2014
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1276 KB)   Discussion Paper (OSD)   

  30 Jun 2014