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Earth Observation for Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions ScienceEditor(s): D. F. Prieto, B. Barnier, R. Sabia, C. Garbe, B. Ward, C. Donlon, A. Sterl, and C. Robinson

Special issue jointly organized between Ocean Science and Biogeosciences

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X-band COSMO-SkyMed wind field retrieval, with application to coastal circulation modeling   
A. Montuori, P. de Ruggiero, M. Migliaccio, S. Pierini, and G. Spezie
Ocean Sci., 9, 121-132, 2013
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 4646 KB)   Discussion paper (OSD)

  14 Feb 2013
Sea surface freshening inferred from SMOS and ARGO salinity: impact of rain   
J. Boutin, N. Martin, G. Reverdin, X. Yin, and F. Gaillard
Ocean Sci., 9, 183-192, 2013
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 9579 KB)   Discussion paper (OSD)

  22 Feb 2013
Sea wave modeling with X-band COSMO-SkyMed© SAR-derived wind field forcing and applications in coastal vulnerability assessment   
G. Benassai, A. Montuori, M. Migliaccio, and F. Nunziata
Ocean Sci., 9, 325-341, 2013
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 10681 KB)   Discussion paper (OSD)

  20 Mar 2013
The ocean response to volcanic iron fertilisation after the eruption of Kasatochi volcano: a regional-scale biogeochemical ocean model study   
A. Lindenthal, B. Langmann, J. Pätsch, I. Lorkowski, and M. Hort
Biogeosciences, 10, 3715-3729, 2013
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 6570 KB)   Discussion paper (BGD)

  05 Jun 2013
Tidal and seasonal carbon and nutrient dynamics of the Guadalquivir estuary and the Bay of Cádiz (SW Iberian Peninsula)   
M. Ribas-Ribas, E. Anfuso, A. Gómez-Parra, and J. M. Forja
Biogeosciences, 10, 4481-4491, 2013
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1591 KB)   Discussion paper (BGD)

  04 Jul 2013
Wave-turbulence scaling in the ocean mixed layer   
G. Sutherland, B. Ward, and K. H. Christensen
Ocean Sci., 9, 597-608, 2013
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1709 KB)   Discussion paper (OSD)

  08 Jul 2013
Optimal adjustment of the atmospheric forcing parameters of ocean models using sea surface temperature data assimilation   
M. Meinvielle, J.-M. Brankart, P. Brasseur, B. Barnier, R. Dussin, and J. Verron
Ocean Sci., 9, 867-883, 2013
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 10762 KB)   Discussion paper (OSD)

  17 Oct 2013
Near-surface diurnal warming simulations: validation with high resolution profile measurements   
B. Scanlon, G. A. Wick, and B. Ward
Ocean Sci., 9, 977-986, 2013
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 937 KB)   Discussion paper (OSD)

  19 Nov 2013
An optical model for deriving the spectral particulate backscattering coefficients in oceanic waters   
S. P. Tiwari and P. Shanmugam
Ocean Sci., 9, 987-1001, 2013
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1575 KB)   Discussion paper (OSD)

  21 Nov 2013
Climate change impacts on sea–air fluxes of CO2 in three Arctic seas: a sensitivity study using Earth observation   
P. E. Land, J. D. Shutler, R. D. Cowling, D. K. Woolf, P. Walker, H. S. Findlay, R. C. Upstill-Goddard, and C. J. Donlon
Biogeosciences, 10, 8109-8128, 2013
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 14726 KB)   Discussion paper (BGD)

  11 Dec 2013
Fine-scale features on the sea surface in SAR satellite imagery – Part 2: Numerical modeling   
S. Matt, A. Fujimura, A. Soloviev, S. H. Rhee, and R. Romeiser
Ocean Sci., 10, 427-438, 2014
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 2892 KB)   Discussion paper (OSD)

  02 Jun 2014
Impact of the sea surface temperature forcing on hindcasts of Madden-Julian Oscillation events using the ECMWF model   
E. de Boisséson, M. A. Balmaseda, F. Vitart, and K. Mogensen
Ocean Sci., 8, 1071-1084, 2012
 Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 5070 KB)   Discussion paper (OSD)

  11 Dec 2012
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