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15 May 2017
Coastal ocean acidification and increasing total alkalinity in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea
Lydia Kapsenberg, Samir Alliouane, Frédéric Gazeau, Laure Mousseau, and Jean-Pierre Gattuso
Ocean Sci., 13, 411-426,, 2017 | 1,716 views
10 May 2017
The Coastal Observing System for Northern and Arctic Seas (COSYNA)
Burkard Baschek, Friedhelm Schroeder, Holger Brix, Rolf Riethmüller, Thomas H. Badewien, Gisbert Breitbach, Bernd Brügge, Franciscus Colijn, Roland Doerffer, Christiane Eschenbach, Jana Friedrich, Philipp Fischer, Stefan Garthe, Jochen Horstmann, Hajo Krasemann, Katja Metfies, Lucas Merckelbach, Nino Ohle, Wilhelm Petersen, Daniel Pröfrock, Rüdiger Röttgers, Michael Schlüter, Jan Schulz, Johannes Schulz-Stellenfleth, Emil Stanev, Joanna Staneva, Christian Winter, Kai Wirtz, Jochen Wollschläger, Oliver Zielinski, and Friedwart Ziemer
Ocean Sci., 13, 379-410,, 2017 | 1,590 views
02 Dec 2016
GEM: a dynamic tracking model for mesoscale eddies in the ocean
Qiu-Yang Li, Liang Sun, and Sheng-Fu Lin
Ocean Sci., 12, 1249-1267,, 2016 | 1,380 views
24 May 2017
Measuring pH variability using an experimental sensor on an underwater glider
Michael P. Hemming, Jan Kaiser, Karen J. Heywood, Dorothee C.E. Bakker, Jacqueline Boutin, Kiminori Shitashima, Gareth Lee, Oliver Legge, and Reiner Onken
Ocean Sci., 13, 427-442,, 2017 | 1,304 views
11 Apr 2017
Marine mammal tracks from two-hydrophone acoustic recordings made with a glider
Elizabeth T. Küsel, Tessa Munoz, Martin Siderius, David K. Mellinger, and Sara Heimlich
Ocean Sci., 13, 273-288,, 2017 | 1,175 views
13 Feb 2017
Quality assessment of the TOPAZ4 reanalysis in the Arctic over the period 1991–2013
Jiping Xie, Laurent Bertino, François Counillon, Knut A. Lisæter, and Pavel Sakov
Ocean Sci., 13, 123-144,, 2017 | 1,127 views
13 Apr 2017
An atmosphere–wave regional coupled model: improving predictions of wave heights and surface winds in the southern North Sea
Kathrin Wahle, Joanna Staneva, Wolfgang Koch, Luciana Fenoglio-Marc, Ha T. M. Ho-Hagemann, and Emil V. Stanev
Ocean Sci., 13, 289-301,, 2017 | 1,029 views
20 Jan 2017
Changes in extreme regional sea level under global warming
S.-E. Brunnabend, H. A. Dijkstra, M. A. Kliphuis, H. E. Bal, F. Seinstra, B. van Werkhoven, J. Maassen, and M. van Meersbergen
Ocean Sci., 13, 47-60,, 2017 | 1,021 views
21 Apr 2017
Large-scale forcing of the European Slope Current and associated inflows to the North Sea
Robert Marsh, Ivan D. Haigh, Stuart A. Cunningham, Mark E. Inall, Marie Porter, and Ben I. Moat
Ocean Sci., 13, 315-335,, 2017 | 987 views
27 Apr 2017
Shelf–Basin interaction along the East Siberian Sea
Leif G. Anderson, Göran Björk, Ola Holby, Sara Jutterström, Carl Magnus Mörth, Matt O'Regan, Christof Pearce, Igor Semiletov, Christian Stranne, Tim Stöven, Toste Tanhua, Adam Ulfsbo, and Martin Jakobsson
Ocean Sci., 13, 349-363,, 2017 | 984 views
10 Feb 2017
Synoptic fluctuation of the Taiwan Warm Current in winter on the East China Sea shelf
Jiliang Xuan, Daji Huang, Thomas Pohlmann, Jian Su, Bernhard Mayer, Ruibin Ding, and Feng Zhou
Ocean Sci., 13, 105-122,, 2017 | 948 views
06 Jul 2017
Freshening of Antarctic Intermediate Water in the South Atlantic Ocean in 2005–2014
Wenjun Yao, Jiuxin Shi, and Xiaolong Zhao
Ocean Sci., 13, 521-530,, 2017 | 947 views
26 Jul 2017
North Atlantic deep water formation and AMOC in CMIP5 models
Céline Heuzé
Ocean Sci., 13, 609-622,, 2017 | 914 views
21 Sep 2017
Response to Filchner–Ronne Ice Shelf cavity warming in a coupled ocean–ice sheet model – Part 1: The ocean perspective
Ralph Timmermann and Sebastian Goeller
Ocean Sci., 13, 765-776,, 2017 | 899 views
09 Feb 2017
A simple method for retrieving significant wave height from Dopplerized X-band radar
Ruben Carrasco, Michael Streßer, and Jochen Horstmann
Ocean Sci., 13, 95-103,, 2017 | 897 views
07 Nov 2017
On deep convection events and Antarctic Bottom Water formation in ocean reanalysis products
Wilton Aguiar, Mauricio M. Mata, and Rodrigo Kerr
Ocean Sci., 13, 851-872,, 2017 | 888 views
02 Mar 2017
Characteristics and causes of Deep Western Boundary Current transport variability at 34.5° S during 2009–2014
Christopher S. Meinen, Silvia L. Garzoli, Renellys C. Perez, Edmo Campos, Alberto R. Piola, Maria Paz Chidichimo, Shenfu Dong, and Olga T. Sato
Ocean Sci., 13, 175-194,, 2017 | 887 views
04 Sep 2017
A measurement system for vertical seawater profiles close to the air–sea interface
Richard P. Sims, Ute Schuster, Andrew J. Watson, Ming Xi Yang, Frances E. Hopkins, John Stephens, and Thomas G. Bell
Ocean Sci., 13, 649-660,, 2017 | 813 views
25 Apr 2017
Seabirds as samplers of the marine environment – a case study of northern gannets
Stefan Garthe, Verena Peschko, Ulrike Kubetzki, and Anna-Marie Corman
Ocean Sci., 13, 337-347,, 2017 | 802 views
19 Apr 2017
Technical note: Evaluation of three machine learning models for surface ocean CO2 mapping
Jiye Zeng, Tsuneo Matsunaga, Nobuko Saigusa, Tomoko Shirai, Shin-ichiro Nakaoka, and Zheng-Hong Tan
Ocean Sci., 13, 303-313,, 2017 | 800 views
23 Jan 2017
Numerical investigation of the Arctic ice–ocean boundary layer and implications for air–sea gas fluxes
Arash Bigdeli, Brice Loose, An T. Nguyen, and Sylvia T. Cole
Ocean Sci., 13, 61-75,, 2017 | 788 views
15 Jun 2017
Small river plumes off the northeastern coast of the Black Sea under average climatic and flooding discharge conditions
Alexander Osadchiev and Evgeniya Korshenko
Ocean Sci., 13, 465-482,, 2017 | 781 views
04 Apr 2017
First year of practical experiences of the new Arctic AWIPEV-COSYNA cabled Underwater Observatory in Kongsfjorden, Spitsbergen
Philipp Fischer, Max Schwanitz, Reiner Loth, Uwe Posner, Markus Brand, and Friedhelm Schröder
Ocean Sci., 13, 259-272,, 2017 | 778 views
07 Sep 2017
Modelling of sediment transport and morphological evolution under the combined action of waves and currents
Guilherme Franz, Matthias T. Delpey, David Brito, Lígia Pinto, Paulo Leitão, and Ramiro Neves
Ocean Sci., 13, 673-690,, 2017 | 777 views
29 Mar 2017
On the mesoscale monitoring capability of Argo floats in the Mediterranean Sea
Antonio Sánchez-Román, Simón Ruiz, Ananda Pascual, Baptiste Mourre, and Stéphanie Guinehut
Ocean Sci., 13, 223-234,, 2017 | 775 views
23 Feb 2017
Bridging the gap between observational oceanography and users
Christiane A. Eschenbach
Ocean Sci., 13, 161-173,, 2017 | 768 views
06 Jul 2017
Decadal oxygen change in the eastern tropical North Atlantic
Johannes Hahn, Peter Brandt, Sunke Schmidtko, and Gerd Krahmann
Ocean Sci., 13, 551-576,, 2017 | 762 views
25 Sep 2017
Interannual evolution of (sub)mesoscale dynamics in the Bay of Biscay
Guillaume Charria, Sébastien Theetten, Frédéric Vandermeirsch, Özge Yelekçi, and Nicole Audiffren
Ocean Sci., 13, 777-797,, 2017 | 753 views
18 Sep 2017
Carbon geochemistry of plankton-dominated samples in the Laptev and East Siberian shelves: contrasts in suspended particle composition
Tommaso Tesi, Marc C. Geibel, Christof Pearce, Elena Panova, Jorien E. Vonk, Emma Karlsson, Joan A. Salvado, Martin Kruså, Lisa Bröder, Christoph Humborg, Igor Semiletov, and Örjan Gustafsson
Ocean Sci., 13, 735-748,, 2017 | 738 views
22 Nov 2016
High-resolution monitoring of marine protists based on an observation strategy integrating automated on-board filtration and molecular analyses
Katja Metfies, Friedhelm Schroeder, Johanna Hessel, Jochen Wollschläger, Sebastian Micheller, Christian Wolf, Estelle Kilias, Pim Sprong, Stefan Neuhaus, Stephan Frickenhaus, and Wilhelm Petersen
Ocean Sci., 12, 1237-1247,, 2016 | 723 views
03 Apr 2017
Validation of an ocean shelf model for the prediction of mixed-layer properties in the Mediterranean Sea west of Sardinia
Reiner Onken
Ocean Sci., 13, 235-257,, 2017 | 708 views
14 Jun 2017
Lagrangian simulation and tracking of the mesoscale eddies contaminated by Fukushima-derived radionuclides
Sergey V. Prants, Maxim V. Budyansky, and Michael Y. Uleysky
Ocean Sci., 13, 453-463,, 2017 | 698 views
13 Jan 2017
Observability of fine-scale ocean dynamics in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea
Rosemary Morrow, Alice Carret, Florence Birol, Fernando Nino, Guillaume Valladeau, Francois Boy, Celine Bachelier, and Bruno Zakardjian
Ocean Sci., 13, 13-29,, 2017 | 693 views
24 Mar 2017
The Mediterranean outflow in the Strait of Gibraltar and its connection with upstream conditions in the Alborán Sea
Jesús García-Lafuente, Cristina Naranjo, Simone Sammartino, José C. Sánchez-Garrido, and Javier Delgado
Ocean Sci., 13, 195-207,, 2017 | 691 views
26 Jun 2017
Spatial distribution of turbulent mixing in the upper ocean of the South China Sea
Xiao-Dong Shang, Chang-Rong Liang, and Gui-Ying Chen
Ocean Sci., 13, 503-519,, 2017 | 688 views
17 Feb 2017
Seiche excitation in a highly stratified fjord of southern Chile: the Reloncaví fjord
Manuel I. Castillo, Oscar Pizarro, Nadin Ramírez, and Mario Cáceres
Ocean Sci., 13, 145-160,, 2017 | 679 views
20 Jul 2017
The double high tide at Port Ellen: Doodson's criterion revisited
Hannah A. M. Byrne, J. A. Mattias Green, and David G. Bowers
Ocean Sci., 13, 599-607,, 2017 | 676 views
03 May 2017
Wave spectral shapes in the coastal waters based on measured data off Karwar on the western coast of India
M. Anjali Nair and V. Sanil Kumar
Ocean Sci., 13, 365-378,, 2017 | 669 views
26 Sep 2017
Surface drifters in the German Bight: model validation considering windage and Stokes drift
Ulrich Callies, Nikolaus Groll, Jochen Horstmann, Hartmut Kapitza, Holger Klein, Silvia Maßmann, and Fabian Schwichtenberg
Ocean Sci., 13, 799-827,, 2017 | 659 views
31 Aug 2017
Study on organic matter fractions in the surface microlayer in the Baltic Sea by spectrophotometric and spectrofluorometric methods
Violetta Drozdowska, Iwona Wrobel, Piotr Markuszewski, Przemysław Makuch, Anna Raczkowska, and Piotr Kowalczuk
Ocean Sci., 13, 633-647,, 2017 | 659 views
30 Jan 2017
Seasonal resonance of diurnal coastal trapped waves in the southern Weddell Sea, Antarctica
Stefanie Semper and Elin Darelius
Ocean Sci., 13, 77-93,, 2017 | 657 views
27 Mar 2017
Inorganic and organic geochemical fingerprinting of sediment sources and ocean circulation on a complex continental margin (São Paulo Bight, Brazil)
Michel Michaelovitch de Mahiques, Till Jens Jörg Hanebuth, Renata Hanae Nagai, Marcia Caruso Bícego, Rubens Cesar Lopes Figueira, Silvia Helena Mello Sousa, Leticia Burone, Paula Franco-Fraguas, Satie Taniguchi, Alexandre Barbosa Salaroli, Gilberto Pereira Dias, Denise Menezes Prates, and Maria Eugenia Fernandes Freitas
Ocean Sci., 13, 209-222,, 2017 | 657 views
12 Apr 2017
Feedback of mesoscale ocean currents on atmospheric winds in high-resolution coupled models and implications for the forcing of ocean-only models
Rafael Abel, Claus W. Böning, Richard J. Greatbatch, Helene T. Hewitt, and Malcolm J. Roberts
Ocean Sci. Discuss.,, 2017
Revised manuscript under review for OS (discussion: final response, 6 comments) | 628 views
06 Jul 2017
On the meridional ageostrophic transport in the tropical Atlantic
Yao Fu, Johannes Karstensen, and Peter Brandt
Ocean Sci., 13, 531-549,, 2017 | 623 views
12 Jun 2017
Quantifying the impact of basin dynamics on the regional sea level rise in the Black Sea
Arseny A. Kubryakov, Sergey V. Stanichny, and Denis L. Volkov
Ocean Sci., 13, 443-452,, 2017 | 615 views
22 Nov 2016
Predicted ripple dimensions in relation to the precision of in situ measurements in the southern North Sea
Knut Krämer and Christian Winter
Ocean Sci., 12, 1221-1235,, 2016 | 614 views
07 Sep 2017
Uncertainties in shoreline position analysis: the role of run-up and tide in a gentle slope beach
Giorgio Manno, Carlo Lo Re, and Giuseppe Ciraolo
Ocean Sci., 13, 661-671,, 2017 | 614 views
21 Sep 2017
Simulations and observation of nonlinear internal waves on the continental shelf: Korteweg–de Vries and extended Korteweg–de Vries solutions
Kieran O'Driscoll and Murray Levine
Ocean Sci., 13, 749-763,, 2017 | 607 views
13 Jan 2017
Technical note: Update on response times, in-air measurements, and in situ drift for oxygen optodes on profiling platforms
Henry C. Bittig and Arne Körtzinger
Ocean Sci., 13, 1-11,, 2017 | 607 views
22 Jun 2017
Trapped planetary (Rossby) waves observed in the Indian Ocean by satellite borne altimeters
Yair De-Leon and Nathan Paldor
Ocean Sci., 13, 483-494,, 2017 | 591 views
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